Cosmetic Dental Services for Multiple Teeth at Once

Cosmetic Dental Services for Multiple Teeth at Once from Smiley Dental in Maricopa, AZCertain cosmetic dental services like teeth whitening can be performed to address issues that affect multiple teeth at once.

Addressing multiple teeth with cosmetic dental services

Let us look at a few of the cosmetic dental services that can be used to improve the aesthetics of more than one tooth simultaneously.

1. Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening treatments are among the fastest ways to improve how a person’s teeth look. During the treatment, bleaching compounds, like hydrogen peroxide, are used to remove stains from teeth. The treatment is effective on most stains, like those caused by the things that we consume, using tobacco products, and the aging process.

A custom mouth tray is typically used to ensure that the patient’s teeth are evenly covered with the bleaching tray. The mouth tray also keeps the whitening product from getting into gum tissues, where it can cause inflammation.

Patients need to have good dental health to be eligible for whitening treatments. Issues like tooth decay and gum disease increase the risk of complications developing due to whitening treatments.

2. Dentures

This missing teeth replacement option is typically recommended when a patient has lost multiple teeth. Patients who have only lost a few teeth should get partial dentures. Patients who have lost most of their natural teeth on a dental arch should get full dentures.

Getting fitted with dentures is a non-invasive process. The dentist makes an impression of the patient’s mouth by having them bite down on a mold. The mold is sent to a dental lab where restorations like dentures are made. It takes about two weeks for the dentures to get back to the dentist.

The patient comes back to the office when their oral prosthetic is ready. The dentist teaches them how to insert, clean, and remove the appliance. The patient’s smile is restored the moment that they wear their dentures.

3. Dental bridges

Dental bridges are fixed appliances that are used to replace multiple teeth next to each other. Bridges have two main parts: artificial teeth called pontics and crowns (abutments) placed on the two teeth closest to the gap.

These teeth are prepared for abutments by removing enamel from their sides. Their impression is sent to a lab where the patient’s bridge is made.

The patient comes for a second visit after about two weeks, when their restoration is ready. The abutments are cemented into place, and alterations are made as needed to ensure that everything looks good.

4. Teeth-straightening treatments

Appliances like braces and clear aligners can be used to improve the alignment of multiple teeth simultaneously. These devices work by constantly pushing on the patient’s teeth, slowly improving their alignment over time.

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