Crowns and Bridges

High-Quality Tooth Crowns for Patients Near Maricopa, AZ

Dental Crowns in Maricopa AZDo you need a crown? If you have teeth that have suffered from large cavities, several cavities, or cracking, then a crown may be the solution. A dental crown will reinforce damaged teeth and help protect them from further harm. In fact, a crown may help prevent infection or the need for an extraction.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is one answer for tooth loss. A bridge replaces a missing tooth with a prosthetic. The bridge attaches to remaining teeth for stability, and modern bridges appear natural with no obvious metal parts. If you are missing a single tooth or just a few teeth – not enough to require dentures – then a bridge may be a good choice.

Dr. Tin provides outstanding crowns and bridges in a comfortable environment at Smiley Dental. He will always take the time to fully discuss your options and explain his treatment plan before commencing any procedure.

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