Root Canal Therapy

Endodontic Therapy in Maricopa, AZ to Save Your Tooth and Stop Pain

Root Canal Treatment in Maricopa AZMany people think of teeth as non-living, like fingernails or hair. However, your teeth are alive. Each of your teeth has a canal inside filled with blood vessels and nerves. This living tissue can become infected when decay sets in or injury occurs.

An infected tooth is usually painful and sometimes needs to be extracted. But Dr. Tin can often save a tooth with a pulpectomy – more commonly known as a root canal. A root canal can be quite comfortable since Dr. Tin is certain to use sufficient anesthesia. Afterward, you will probably notice that the pain from your infected tooth has been relieved.

Teeth are often capped after a root canal. This allows you to keep your natural tooth even though the pulp – or inner tissue – has been removed.

If you are experiencing swelling in your mouth, pus, bleeding, or severe or unrelenting pain, call us at (833) 793-7773 right away. We will help stop the infection and keep it from threatening your health.

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