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Effective Dental Bleaching in the Maricopa, AZ Area

Dental Whitening in Maricopa AZYou’ve probably seen advertisements for teeth whitening products available at your local drugstore or supermarket. What these ads don’t tell you is that these over-the-counter products may not produce noticeable results, especially if you have deeply stained or yellowed teeth.

But at Smiley Dental, Dr. Tin offers potent and effective teeth whitening with products only available to professional dentists. He will work with you to design a convenient treatment plan that will leave you loving your new, bright smile.

Dr. Tin is also an excellent source of information on avoiding teeth stains. He can advise you about foods and beverages to avoid to keep your grin looking great.

Smiley Dental uses GLO in-office whitening system that provides comfortable and fast professional teeth whitening in only one hour! Learn more about GLO Science Professional System.

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